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Product categories

Mica display shelf , product display cabinets , desk iron shelf

With technology development mica is used instead of metal shelving, we clearly see the advantages of exhibiting shelf mica adds value to products with unique beauty than other types of racks so display shelves mica many customers used to support advertising products, highlighting products.

Nam Binh Phong Company is one of the supply unit product display cabinets, desk cabinets mica, iron desk cabinets, desk cabinets acrylic shelves, showcases mica. With over ten years of business development and we are pleased to offer to our customers the best products with the design aesthetic piece of code, especially the price is always our preference ... In addition to traffic every person, strictly in accordance with the warranty of the manufacturer standards. Along with a team of experienced staff in the field of mica.

In addition to mica display shelves, desk cabinets acrylic, mica and also showcases other products.

Shelves display mica phone, smartphone, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia ... Shelf mica exhibiting glasses, mica shelf jewelery display, display shelf products (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals ...) Disc, Box paper towels, coasters flowers, ... Name card, leaflet holders, desktop menu, ... Shelf mica cosmetic display, lipstick, nail polish ... Shelf mica exhibit pouches, Wallets, Shoes Shoes, Wine, Books, Pens ... the type of mica shelves for leaflets, brochure, leaflet, business cards assorted designs on display shelves in the form of mica and specific requirements of each customer.

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